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The main aim is to support the progression of the innovation and startup ecosystem by developing strategic and innovative initiatives and implementing complex programs.

Publishing professional publications organizing conferences and academic workshops are important elements of our activity. You can find our recent events at our Facebook page.

The members of the Association represent jurisprudence, social science, economics, engineering science, and life sciences. The Association feels necessary the intense and pro-active relationship with public, private and civic sector to improve the efficient and sustainable planning, implementation and monitoring. We would like to foster the transfer of knowledge and mutual supporting activities at national and international levels.

The Association has a special focus on improving the labour market situation by helping people to improve their employability potential and their entrepreneurial skills. The number of new innovative enterprises in Hungary is growing, while the executives and managers of enterprises defined as traditional are also striving to draw on creativity.

Legal & contact info

President Elect & CEO (2020-) Dénes D. VÍG

Founder President (2014-2020): Szabolcs SZOLNOKI
HQ: H-1134 Budapest, Váci út 47/B. Ü 1.

Office: H-1039 Budapest, Pünkösdfürdő u. 52.
Tax number 18599938142
Bank account number 10702404-68786698-51100005
Intermediary Bank: CIB Bank Zrt.
PIC Code: 922264264
Email: ike2020 (at) ike2020 (dot) (eu)

Member of the Startup Europe Regions Network

Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission, creating links between ecosystems, focusing on connecting people, local ecosystems, international outreach and providing information through the One Stop Shop for start-ups. Originally focused on ICT and web start-ups it has recently broaden its scope to to all startups. SERN is a network of regions dedicated to scaling up startup support. The purpose of the SERN is to reinforce the links between regional authorities, development agencies, universities and associations who build and scale up the startup ecosystems at regional level in Europe, promoting a culture of startup friendly regions.

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