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Invitation: Slavomír Hruška @METU Budapest

Invitation to the lecture of Mr Slavomír Hruška

- in cooperation of the Slovak Business Agency, Budapest Metropolitan University and IKE2020

  • Time: 26 Nov 14.20 - 15.40

  • Venue: 1148 Budapest Nagy Lajos király útja 1-9.

  • Map:

  • Parking: in front of the campus, free parking zone

Topic and introduction


Entrepreneur, Investor, Growth Hacker. I enjoy building companies and investing in extraordinary founders with a vision. My experiences include having founded and exited a company with 200+ B2B customers in under 2 years. Currently I'm investing in startups as part of the Fund of innovation and technologies and always looking to work with smart people who are looking to change things and don't accept the status quo.


I will focus on following topics: - What is the real definition of startup? - What kind of startup investors mostly invest in? - What's killing startups most often? - What is the ideal number of founders? - How does the startup value increase? - How do I get to investors? - How do investment contracts work? - What are the terms of the investment?

The project “CrossEUWBA” (or “Enhancing the cross-sector emergence of new women business angels across Europe”) is a two-year-project co-funded by the European Union. The project pursues the overall objective of facilitating the funding of women entrepreneurs (WE) through women business angels (WBAs) and contributing to the creation of a sustainable base of private investment in Europe.