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Open call for Tech for Good project initiatives

Open call for Tech for Good project initiatives by IKE2020, METU and their partners

(Startup verseny társadalmi értékek szolgálatában álló technológiai vállalkozásoknak)

Visioners, developers, entrepreneurs and students who use technology to tackle social and environmental issues, alongside generating high financial profits are invited to participate at a challenge of innovative ideas and projects.

The project owners are offered to participate at a unique, tailor-made program which includes support from our mentor community, access to research infrastructure and labs (e.g. 3D printers), vibrant workspace, professional consultancy, networking opportunities with national and international industrial expers and corporates.

Topic suggestions: products and services as solutions designed for improvig the situation of people living with disabilities; elderly people – aging; healthcare problems and disea prevention; mobility solutions; sharing economy; clean food and agriculture; lives of communities, etc.

Roadmap and application procedure:

1. Send your onepager/project or idea description to startup (at) by 10/March/2019.

2. Shortly you will receive a reply. In case of positive evaluation you will be offered a tailor-made mentoring plan.

3. Introduce your project for investors, industrial experts and corporate partners on 22/March/2019.

4. Take active part at the follow-up phase and benefit from mentoring services.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us at startup (at)

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