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Makers, Designers, Tech Firms - apply for funding and support


SERN is happy to share with you the “WORTH Partnership Project” a project funded by COSME, the European Union Programme for the competitiveness of SMEs.

WORTH Partnership Project creates and supports collaborations between fashion designers, creative people, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms looking to develop innovative products or processes through transnational partnerships.

They are looking for creative and disruptive minds involved in the following sectors:

You are welcome to begin your WORTH Partnership Project journey:

- If you have an idea to be developed and already have a potential partner to work with.

- If you have an idea but do not know a potential partner, we will help you to find the right one.

- If you are seeking advice in the conception of an idea, with or without any potential partner to work with yet, we will help you.

Partnership Formation Criteria

Partnerships must be transnational, formed of partners from two or three different participating countries and involve at least two of the following professions:

– Designers: self-employed professionals, design labs and start-ups

– Makers: crafters and SME manufacturers

– Technology firms: innovators, tech labs, tech providers and start-ups

By joining the community, your transnational partnership will receive:

– Funding of up to €10,000 for each project. Exceptional projects that demonstrate complexity in technology and/or materials used to develop the project could be awarded with 20% extra support

– Coaching and advice

– Product market positioning and branding by participating in two relevant international trade fairs and exhibitions

– Networking and cross-sectorial collaboration

– Product development

Click here to learn more and to get involved: